Hello! My name is Christina and I’m very nervous you’re here.

The Dying Fire was a name I came up with in high school when I found myself in my first prolonged period of major depression. The Dying Fire reminds me of the cyclical nature of life, and that in pain there is light.

I wanted to start this blog to keep myself accountable for daily/weekly journal prompts throughout this year and to finally share my writing with others, which terrifies me. I’m in recovery from a substance use disorder and an eating disorder, and I have a long list of mental health diagnoses but these traits do not define me.

I love history and fashion, and in my free time I find vintage and thrifted clothing and up-cycle pieces. I’ve always been drawn to the creative and my heart feels full when I can smell the scent of a fresh journal page, or when I’m drawing inspiration from nature and those around me.

I’m not fully healed, or recovered, or all-knowing, I’m just a human hoping to share my experience in a way that speaks to others. On a journey to find my voice, I’m finding that I must be willing to bare my soul.